Sunday, 29 April 2012

Mini Haul! Cow, Red and Topshop ;)

So after an unsuccessful morning at uni, Alex and I decided to haul ass to Birmingham to run an errand at some photo printing place. Since we were in town, we guessed there was no harm in dipping into the shops for a little window-shopping. Or shopping shopping, whichever.

Check out my new purchases (:

This loverly top was from Cow, and cost an amazing £9. Bargainnn. It's so retro, gotta love Cow :')

I'd wanted these jeans for a while, and they fit so well :3 A not so cheap £38 from Topshop, but hey ho. I love the mint green, my favourite colour :D Sadly, the flash does wash out the colour a bit, so I should mention they are brighter than they appear on here :)

Lastly, these awesome studded pumps. £20 from Red.  Aren't they cute? Yeshh there are. I wanted to purchase some black creepers, but unfortunately they had no size threes left. Curse my tiny feet :')

I seriously have to stop spending money, but there's just so many things I want :3 Hope you guys have had a brilliant weekend :)
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