Thursday, 31 May 2012

Gold, Bronze & a bit of Mint

Still got my WS1 wristband on. Can't get it off.

It's another warm yet not so sweltering day today. Actually, it's just been raining. Boo. I hope we're not back to horrible English weather again. However, today I picked up some brochures for my jolly holiday so I'm feeling pretty perky :3

Because it wasn't quite so bright (and also because I couldn't be arsed to shave my legs) I shoved my mint jeans on, but it was still warm enough to wear just my Red or Dead tee, which jingles whenever I move. I've been wearing these jeans waaaaay too much recently, but I do love them so much. I actually found some hot pink ones in Republic - for only £10! But it wasn't meant to be as there was only a size 10 left, and I need a 6. Waaaaaah. Hopefully I'll find them elsewhere...

I picked up these awesome shiny gold converse lookalikes ages ago from (would you believe it) Sainsbury's for, if I remember correctly, an amazing price of £8. Good, no? I credit myself as quite the bargain hunter, even if I do say so myself B)

I've recently rekindled my love affair with bracelets and dug this little beauty out of the depths of my jewellery box. Or rather, a tub that sits on my bedroom floor, overflowing. It's from my old workplace, Claire's Accesories, but I'm not entirely sure that it's still available, as I've had it for quite a long time. Sadly, one of the snake's eyes have fallen out :( I haven't got round to sticking some substitute gems in yet. I still think it looks cool though, and I chose to wear it with this because the colours went well with my tee and make-up.

I'm actually not a big eye-make up wearer, I used to be, but I've kind of slipped out the habit recently, just a slick of liner and a couple coats of mascara and I'm good to go. In order to match my gold and bronzy accents, I decided to crack out my Front Cover Rainbow Eyes pallete. I would reccommend this to everyone and anyone. It's about the size of an A4 piece of paper and comes with tips on how to create directional looks. Plus, the shadows are huge and dome shaped, so they take forever to run out. What's even cooler is it comes with a special shadow liner converter - it can turn any one of the shadows into a eye liner. You can also buy a refill of this, how cool :3

I used a shimmery browny bronze called Mother of Pearl for the lid of my eyes and highlighted the corners with a pale beige called Biscuit. The lighting of this pic's a bit weird, kinda purpley and you can't really see the colours well aha but hopefully you can make out the shimmery goodness. It's a shame you can't see properly as the pigments are really bright and vibrant.

Scarf - not sure, sorry
T shirt - Bank
Jeans - Topshop
Trainers - Sainsbury's
Bracelet - Claire's Accesories
Watch - Jeremy Scott for Swatch

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