Wednesday, 12 March 2014

I want to ride my bicycle ... but not in this skirt.

I'm one of those people Facebook moans about - at the first sight of sun, I'm not ashamed to say I dig out my Summer wardrobe. In my defense, it has been pretty warm round my ends, so I felt the need to show the world my pale little legs. I probably should have taken the pictures outside in the natural light but as you know, I leave taking my OOTD photos last minute. I'm such a bad blogger, but my boyfriend has a beard, does that make up for it? I read in Company magazine that you can't call yourself a blogger unless your man is your photographer and has an impressive furry face. One point to Alice, right?

Cardigan - Boohoo ♦ Top - Primark ♦ Skirt - River Island ♦ Boots - Hypnotic ♦ Hair-band - Primark 

Heart necklace - a gift ♦ Gemstone & initial necklace - By Francis Frank

I had a bit of an embarrassing moment today. I'm on the lookout for a new bike for mountain biking so I travelled up to Halfords to take a look. The guy at the store was really helpful, however it got a bit awkward when I had to sit on the seat of two bikes to gage my frame size - in this skirt. I was extremely careful so hopefully he didn't get an eyeful of something he shouldn't but only he knows for sure... I really don't dress practically at all. 

I'm wearing my Valentines necklace! I love how it layers up with my everyday heart necklace, it's hard to find jewellery that doesn't fit over the top of it so this is perfect. Check out By Francis Frank, their gemstone accessories are so unique!

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