Sunday, 23 March 2014

Storm Ridden

This Spring is the moment of the British rock bands - Bastille and the 1975 to name a few personal favourites. Independent bands are always my port of call when looking for new music and Storm Ridden are latest Brit-band to step into the spotlight. Based in Wolverhampton, Storm Ridden is a four-piece who are influenced old school rock like Black Sabbath with an added a pinch of blues flavour, creating an eclectic style of music that is difficult to place. This band is proving that rock 'n' roll music isn't best left to the oldies and with the right amount of modern touches, is still totally relevant. 

The group are made up of lead guitar Ryan, bassist Luke, drummer Alex and vocalist Tom and were formed in the Summer of 2013. Tom has a really unusual voice which really adds to the uniqueness of the band - I really love his vocal style as it's unlike anything I've ever come across before in the modern music scene.  The guitar is spot on, with some really catchy riffs. The bass nails a focal part in the intro In The Summerhouse and drums add a strong rhythm to the songs, giving them a heavier edge. Storm Ridden play the kind of music that fans of heavier rock 'n' roll and even metal are bound to love but those who are into to a more current vibe will enjoy too. 

It's not for everyone, but for you guys who love old school tunes and are on the lookout for new band that will conjure up nostalgic feelings of the glory days of rock yet still keep things fresh, you should definitely check out these guys.

Check out their video for In The Summerhouse below

You'll enjoy if you like

Black Sabbath ♦ Guns & Roses ♦ Iron Maiden

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