Monday, 24 March 2014

Jelly Tot

Jacket - Sack Sale (thrifted) ♦ Tee - Boohoo ♦ Skort - eBayJellies - River Island  
Headband - Primark ♦ Heart necklace - a gift ♦ Lips - Accessorize, Smitten
Please excuse the grumpy face, this is the precise reason I choose not to look at the camera when taking outfit pictures. My face always betrays me; I can't trust it not to do something strange so I hope you'll overlook that. In the words of Chandler Bing, 'could I be anymore 90's?' The I'm With The Band tee, the denim jacket and of course, the shoe that every self-respecting 90's era child possessed - the jelly sandal. However, the skort injects a touch of uber-modernness, so it's all good.

Years ago, when I was perhaps fourteen, I honestly thought about reviving these faithful shoes as I've always loved how they looked, however I decided against it for three reasons:
1. I didn't have the clothes confidence I have these days (which is basically not giving a fudge and wearing what I like) 
2. Although my size would undoubtedly have stayed the same (been a size three forever) my old silver pair had gone the journey long ago.
3. Nowhere anywhere stocked them.

 But luckily for me, the high street is bringing back these long forgotten beauties and I remember why I loved my jellies so much. This green heeled pair was made for me. My love has been well and truly rekindled. 

So guys, jellies - best left in the 90's or time to bring them back? Hey, if scrunchies can be cool again, there's hope for anything. 
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