Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Henry Holland Tights

Little bit blurry, I've had to use my phone as I left my camera at Jack's

Just a quick post to show you guys my latest impulse buy, I know I know, I have a serious addiction to shopping and it needs to be curbed :']
As I mentioned in a past post, 2NE1 CL's sexy holiday look, my super suspender Henry Holland's sadly were torn beyond any sort of repair at a pretty wild uni halls party in January, so I thought it was about time I replaced them. Unfortunately, I could not resist these amazing 'I'm laddered' seamed tights and had to get them too. I've had my eye on them for quite some time but could never justify the purchase so this seemed the perfect excuse.
Jack has another gig this weekend so I may include a pair of my new tights in my outfit - I'm thinking creepers ... however, I may not :3 Muahaha stay tuned ;D

Do you guys own the same as me or any other Henry Holland tights?

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