Friday, 10 February 2012

Impulse buy - Creepers!

Wahhh so excited right now - I'm so happy they came so quickly, I only ordered them on Wednesday! I always used to call them beetle crushers, but it seems they're more commonly known as creepers :) It's always a risk ordering shoes online but I'm pleased to say they fit perfectly. I can't wait to wear them, hopefully they'll make me look just a tiny bit taller :'] I picked white because I have too many black shoes, and the studs are just a bonus :3 What's more, they're veggie shoes, which is perfect for a life long veggie like me.
They'll instantly brighten up a dark outfit or add edge to a girly dress. I'm so into the androgynous look right now. I'm really looking forward to putting outfits together with them - I'll keep you posted ;D If you'd like some, check ebay for bargains, there's loads of choice!

By the way, is it just me, or is Harry Hill so on-trend right now...?
Harry rockin' creepers

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