Saturday, 4 February 2012

Making the most of it - fashion on a budget

 Is there anything worse than the despair of looking into your wardrobe and that familiar thought blaring through your mind:  'I have NOTHING to wear!' Well, there probably are worse things, but still, it's a pretty awful feeling (Y) Instead of falling to the floor in grief, I decided to experiment - I hope I can inspire you guys too :D
Take a look at this outfit from summer '11. If you're anything like me, you'll carefully choose an outfit for any occasion, casual or fancy. I remember distinctly when I wore this outfit - I was going on a simple shopping trip to Birmingham with my boyfriend Jack, no doubt for some new pieces for my over-flowing, actually now broken, wardrobe.
Anyway, as you can see, I choose a to layer a simple printed dress and black sweater together (we had a pretty disappointing summer, so the sweater was needed for warmth, never mind fashion!) I added sparkly black tights to this chic, almost school-girl look. Because the basic outfit was quite cute and sweet, I toughened it up with my leather jacket, messy bun and studded boots. I have a weakness for boots, so you're likely to see a lot of them! I just think they make an outfit look that bit edgier, punkier and tougher. Throw on a grey leopard print scarf - et voilà - one complete look :)
However, there's one more thing that may surprise you - my tights, sweater and dress are items I have owned for many, many years, and have hidden in my wardrobe expecting never to see light again. But that's the amazing thing about clothes; with a little experimenting, you can breathe new life into almost anything!

My sweater is actually an old school jumper owned by my sister which somehow ended up inside my drawer. Also, adding a stylish brooch to this garment really livens it up and makes it look that bit more interesting. I left it plain this time, but it really is a blank canvas for many outfits. I actually love using nerdy looking sweaters like this, they instantly add a preppy look.

I brought this printed dress about four years ago one summer and only wore it once or twice, but I think it makes a cute skirt in this look. However, because I've - ahem - 'grown' somewhat, I wouldn't wear this without a top of some sort over it, as I doesn't leave much to the imagination if you get my drift :'] Other than that, it fits comfortably and adds a super cute look to my grungy outfit.

I've had these tights since I was little, I'm not even sure how young, but let's just say it was a while back :'] They were one of those items that never got worn - until now, ironically, at the age of eighteen! I'm only quite little, about 5"1, so they actually fit quite comfortably. Because they're stretched a little (hey, I most have finally grown a teeny bit), it gives the tights a fishnet effect.

We all love shopping for brand new pieces, I know I do! If you find yourself longing for the next pay day, stop dreaming of that new jacket and look in your wardrobe - you may find something you haven't worn in ages and inject your own style and individuality into it and really make it work. 
Let me know if you make the most of long forgotten garments like me :)
And yes, my room is a mess. Apologies :']

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