Monday, 27 February 2012

Today's look - Dolly girl

Just a quick little outfit update :) Sorry for being a bit stingy on posts, a lot's been going down at uni and life in general recently :'] I bought this unusual dress at The Clothes Show in December and this is the first time I've actually worn it shockingly, I guess I just forgot about it :3
I teamed it with a white shirt and plain black tights so as not to draw attention away from the busy pattern on the dress. I particularly like how the shirt sleeves are visible through the cut-out sleeves in the dress. I think the shirt makes it look very smart but the boots keep it looking cool ;D This also works really well with my white creepers, but I have been wearing them so much recently. This is one of my cutesy-er outfits - I think it makes me look like a little dolly :']
It's getting increasingly more difficult to take pictures in my mirror, and as my camera is still at Jack's house somewhere I've had to use my awful phone which has no back, so sorry for that xD I'm still wearing the wristband from last night at Jack's gig and it didn't even come off in the shower, how shameful :'] If I can get a picture from my friend Alex, I will do a post about my latest groupie outfit :) By the way, I don't sleep on a campbed, that was for Alex who stayed last night after the gig :'] (Y) Check her blog here
Hope you like my look, let me know :D 

Dress - Layers, Clothes Show
Shirt - River Island
Boots - Hypnotic 
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