Sunday, 19 February 2012

Today's look - Dirty lil punk

This was actually yesterday's outfit, but never mind. Jack and I took a trip to Birmingham, normally I would post about my many purchases, but I'm trying to not spend as crazily as usual recently :'] The red shirt makes an appearance again, this time with quite a different outfit. I was feeling rather punky and casual, so decided to reflect this in my outfit. The cropped black top is relatively new, and it has an almost leather look and feel to it. As it was quite cold, I opted for rolled up distressed jeans instead of the skirt I was planning to wear. I think they work really well with my studded boots, which are favourites in my everyday wardrobe. The look is completed by my black jacket and head scarf - all set for the day :D
I did actually go with the intention of buying one thing, some Urban Decay Surreal Skin cream to powder foundation. This is my miracle product, I'd recommend it to anyone who has trouble keeping make-up on their face all day and find others make their skin look dry. The guy at the make-up counter recognised me from the last time he helped me pick out the correct colour, which is always nice :3 By the way, just in case you wondered, my shade is Haze :)

We then travelled over to Selfridges, (when I say we, I really mean me ;D) to test the new Vivienne Westwood perfume Cheeky Alice. A while ago, I remember making the exact same trip to try out Naughty Alice, which has the most amazing sweet unusual smell. I was pleasantly surprised to find Cheeky Alice which had the perfect strong, sparkling and sexy scent. What's more, at Selfridges, you also receive a lovely make-up bag which the assistant told me she uses as a purse as it's so pretty :)

After all this we chowed down at Pizza hut - we like pizza :3 On the way to the bus stop we met a young Big issue vendor who was trying to earn some cash for a room and some food so we gave him some money. I always try to buy a Big Issue when I can, as many of the vendors are homeless and are actually trying to work for a better quality of life. Anyway, when we reached the bus stop I had a sudden realisation - we were carrying a pizza bow with four untouched slices and I had totally forgot! My attack of conscious resulted in us running back to find the man and handing over our pizza, to which he was very grateful and we felt great afterwards :3
Moral of the story - try to do a good deed when you can and help the homeless :) 

But yes, hope you liked the outfit and my stories, please let me knowwww ;D

Jacket - Peacocks
Shirt - H&M
Top - H&M
Jeans - Forever 21
Boots - Hypnotic
Headscarf - Claire's 

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