Saturday, 24 March 2012

An Eventful Day with the Soul Sistar

Very eventful day today - the sun was out so I thought it was time to showcase my new bralet :) I met my soul sistar Alex in Birmingham for a spot of shopping, food and entertainment in the form of The Hunger Games.  There's been so much hype around this film so we wanted to see whether it lived up - it actually did. Made me a bit teary at times :'] I'd recommend it. And by the way, I love the bright colours and funky hairstyles in the film, very shtyyllin' ;D

Before seeing the film, we grabbed some pizza at the Hut ;D Pizza Hut is seriously Pons' and myself's restaurant of choice, we can't get enough of pizza :'] BBQ veggie pizza ftw :3

So yeah, both looking suitably summery :3 Check Alex's blog out now, it's pretty sweet.
Also got some new purchases - a custom made blouse from Topshop and a body chain from Miss Selfridge, in the sale at an amazing three piddly pounds :3 For anyone who is interested, these beautiful cropped blouses came in an array of different colours, but I just couldn't resist the black and silver ;D

Hope you all had a fantastic Saturday!
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