Thursday, 1 March 2012

Oxfam's New Vintage Shop

My first blog of the month of March :D
Some you guys may have already seen this in Company magazine this month, but for those who haven't I thought I'd bring you up to speed :)
Oxfam Vintage campaign scanned from Company Magazine March '12

This is the latest campaign for Oxfam's new vintage shop. I know right, I was surprised too - it's so glamorous looking and ultra-cool, not what many people often associate with charity shops. However, charity shops have hidden gems lurking within, all at amazing prices. Better still, every penny you spend in one goes to the chosen charity of the store.
I confess, I didn't often find myself tempted to dip inside these shops when looking for clothes, not for any other reason then I simply didn't think I'd find anything I liked in there, but after looking at Lydia's blog; Fashion in Flux, I've certainly been inspired to do so. In many of her posts, she finds beautiful unique pieces with bargain price tags, and always looks stunning :3 Check it out.
I'm not a total charity and second-hand virgin though, I bought a military style jacket for three pounds and a pair of wonderful pink and black heeled boots for £9, down from £119 in a small shop in Glastonbury, still one of my most shocking bargains to date :3
Have you found an amazing find in a charity shop?

Check out the Vintage lovelies here
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