Saturday, 17 March 2012

The hair..

Like so many other girls, (and boys) I have kind of over-styled hair. This is mainly due to going blonde, then dark, then hating it so trying to go back blonde again, then changing my mind and going reddy-brown. The poor ends of my hair have suffered for my sins.
I had to be realistic when visiting the salon today - I desperately want ombre brown and blonde hair, but because my ends were so dry, it was just not an option this time. Instead, I went for a natural brown and cut of my dry ends. I had a Taylor Momsen style fringe cut in too and what's great about it is that I can push it to the side or leave it to the front. Now my hair feels silky smooth :)
I'm thinking about getting some funky extensions for the time being, as I'm a big fan of mad hair. For now I'm going to be patient and let my new hair grow a bit more before I start bleaching again :']
Most people say they hate the first wash of a new cut, but I love it as it means I can properly start from scratch and style the way I want to. I always find my hair quite flat and slippery after going to the salon so I can't wait to try styling this look myself ;D

What do you think of my hair and do you have any tips? (:

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