Thursday, 8 March 2012

Gig night

Another gig outfit, different band :) Area Paradox played in Birmingham yesterday along with some other bands, check them out they're awesome :3 Unfortunately, Ponsonby (being Alex) and myself, were rather late ... :']
I wore my black and white blouse with the pussy bow and hot-pants with a cool pleather panel, sadly I don't have a picture of Alex's outfit, but I assure you she looked exceedingly flyy ;D
These wedges are impossible to walk elegantly in. No lie. Wedges tend to be easy to walk in, but not these. I stumbled about a million times and had one rather awful fall when Pons and I were on our own :'] However, I love them, particularly the silver part on the heel, I just think it makes them look that bit cooler ;)
Look at Alex's messy room. Life of a student, eh :']
Hope you like the outfit, let me know and don't forget to check out the band (:

Blouse - Select
Hot-pants - Hypnotic 
Wedges - Hypnotic

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