Thursday, 2 August 2012

Cyprus times - Week in outfits

Actually, I've kind of lied. It's not really a 'week in outfits'. It's kinda more of a 'random assortment of outfits'.

Unforntunately, I've been seriously unorganised and failed to keep track of daily outfits, so I'm not gonna be able to give you a day-by-day look, as some of the days are kinda missing, but I'll try and make this as coherent as possible :3

Day Time

Despite our pug face in the pic, I actually very happy. No really. So squinty - where were my sunnies?
Jack decided to stylishly hook them on his shirt, bold fashion choice, but perhaps not so practical. Anyways, this is me rocking my charity shop top (though who could tell?) and almost cheek offending shorts.  Luckily, they are just long enough to hide my buns. Woop.

Motel Vintage at Topshop  - photo by Alex :3

Keeping it casual on our first day in Cyprus. The humidity made my hair go loco, so I tended to just tie it up in a bun, like sooo.

I'm totally working the windswept look here. However, there was not even a slight breeze in Cyprus, so I'm not exactly sure how I pulled that one off. Hmm. Wish I had a better picture, but these are my bloomer style river island shorts - perhaps my most comfy shorts ever - and my loose tee. Oh and FYI, my purse got a tan. I don't even ...

Evening Wear

This was our first evening in Cyprus and both Alex and I went for print maxis. This was the dress I was referring too by the way, the one that's way too exotic for Birmingham town :') 

Can you believe this top was £2.99 from a charity shop? Hidden gem or what. We both went for the maxi look on the evenings, 'cause it just felt more elegant :3 Check out Pons' silky crop. I love that colour.

Jack - dressed exactly the same as he does in England

I was totally thinking about doing a feature called what Jack's wearing - but I think it may get slightly boring as he is basically an outfit on repeat :'). He has about a million shirts in almost exactly the same colour and an endless supply of black tees. He's a stubborn one.


This swimsuit is from Kelly Brook's collection at New Look. I'd been on the lookout for a cossie with a little skirt and this one was perfect. 

I love this picture :') And this bikini. This was taken just before we took a little trip out on a pedalo :3

So sorry that I don't have much to show you, but hopefully you'll like what you see anyways ☺
And that's my Cyprus adventure, all neatly wrapped up :D 

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