Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Pink Leopard and Body Chain


Hair's lookin' a bit disheveled :')

The weather keeps turning.. the other day it was so warm, like shorts weather. Unfortunately, I'd not waxed my legs for quite some time and they weren't suitable for thee eyes of the public, so I had to opt for leggings. :') But today it's been totally miserable, I miss Cyprus sun. And all inclusive cocktails. 

Standin' up straight. Too straight.

Remember my body-chain? I'd forgotten all about it to be honest until I was searching through my room for something and there it was, hidden under all my rubbish. My room is such a mess, it's way too cluttered and I can't actually close my drawers anymore. Yet I'll keep saying I have no clothes. Go figure.

Oh, I almost forgot, Jack found me a tripod the other day, so I will be taking some better pictures :) These were taken by Jack, but I'm planning to make my photographs look a bit more interesting for you guys. Until then, here's me standing in front of a door. Woop woop.

Tee- H&M
Leggings - Republic
Hair accessory - Claire's
Body Chain - Miss Selfridge
Shoes - Ebay

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