Thursday, 9 August 2012

Snakes & Kitties

Another casual outfit for you (:
This is what I wore to visit my cousin for his birthday 

I'm wearing this scarf too much :')
I've been wearing lipstick more often these days; I usually opt for my favourite pop light pink.
 Recently, I've been braver and using my bright red lippie. I think it goes really well with this retro look hairstyle. I've also bought a shimmery nude pinky colour, which is the perfect winter shade. 

Shame it's summer, eh :')

Bit blurry, camera's being odd

How'd you like my Charlotte Olympia-esque kitty flats? They could be the genuine article, righ'? If I could, of course I'd get the real things, but the five hundred and something price tag is somewhat out of my budget..  I really loved her pumps when I saw them last year and finally decided to get some similar as they are so cute 

Jumper- Topshop
Shirt - River Island
Leggings - River Island
Pumps - eBay
Scarf - from Cyprus
Earrings - Claire's Accessories
Necklace - a gift

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