Saturday, 18 August 2012

Karmin Style Suicide Roll

I watched the beautiful Amy Heidemann's (the singer from Karmin) hair tutorial on how to do her signature look, the jollily-named suicide roll. Not really sure why it's called that, but it looks so flyy.

As I'm growing my hair, I need new ways to wear it and this is perfect. It's easy to do, even I can do it, and I'm actually awful at doing my hair, so don't worry. I think I'll be wearing my hair like this a lot, so expect to see it :3

Artsy shadow. Woo.

There's apples all over the lawn :') 

I'm chilling in my hoodie today, as I officially started my new job today - woop woop :) So yeah, not my most stylish outfit, but incredibly comfortable :3 I love this hoodie to be honest.

Merlin ♥

My kitty cat Merlin snuck into the 'shoot', I had to take the a piccy of him chilling in the sun. If you're lucky, you may be able to see my other kitties, Lola and Freddie lurking in future posts :) 

Oh by the way, I hope you like these pictures, I think they're a bit better than my normal ones, don't you? It's sunny, so I thought I'd go outside. The reason I often take pictures in my room mirror is because I'm usually on my way out when I take them, but I'm gonna take time to get some nice pics for you lovely peeps 

Check out her other tutorials and singing videos I'm still yet to perfect her amazing faux-hawk, I've watched the tutorial a gazillion times, but sadly I don't think my hair's long enough just yet. Take a gander.. ♣

Hoodie - Blue Banana 
Tee - River Island
Trousers - Haven't a clue sorry :')
Scarf - from Cyprus

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