Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Kickin' back old skool

Note my bro's ice hockey tops - so stylish ;)

Yo! I've only done one outfit post so far this month, so thought I'd just shove this one in here :)
Finally showcasing my top from Cow, it's cool, no? It's a really interesting material and so funkaay. I decided to go all retro today, after running around Cow for an hour or two I've gone a bit retro crazy. My mom thinks I look like a 80's TV presenter in this outfit, but that's a cool look, right?
I think adding the boots and skinnier than skinny jeans make it look more modern and fresh. It's rare to see me in jeans, I have a bit of an immuness to them, and an addiction to leggings. But because these are such a good fit and are rolled and cropped at the bottom they don't swamp me or make me look ridiculously short as I am :')
Like my 80's TV presenter look?
My mom thinks I'm cool ... ;)
Top - Cow
Jeans - Topshop
Boots - Hypnotic
Watch - Jeremy Scott for Swatch
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