Sunday, 6 May 2012

Reppin' Narzipan

Decided to post about my Narzipan sweater :) Alex and I went to the Clothes Show last December, (AKA, our heaven) and we came across this delightful little stall selling the most beautiful sweaters and jewellery our little eyes ever did see. The girls running the stall were really lovely and let us try on everything. I chose this amazing sequin bow sweater in a bright aqua colour, one of my favourite greens :3

As everyone was selling cheaper at the clothes show, I picked up this beauty for an amazingly cheap £25. It sells for £35 online which is still a great price, especially when you think about how much a hand-made and detailed jumper like this would cost in high-street shops.

It has this funky scrunchy sequined detail, with a big bow at the shoulder. I love how Narzipan's stuff has a kinda clown style look to it, it's awesome! I strongly suggest you check out their stuff, I love their jumpers especially. Everything is totally unique and handmade, probably the best sweaters I've seen so far, especially for so cheap :)

Check out the online store

They've also got a blog, too

Sweater - Narzipan, obvs.
Leggings - Primark.
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