Friday, 4 May 2012

New ID i-Volumise - Reviewed.

Yesterday, a women approached my friend  Laura and I and offered us a chance to get our hair styled, facials, and have a photoshoot, Sounds pretty interesting, no? We also recieved free New ID i-Volumise mascaras and 'cause I don't get free stuff often, I thought I go ahead and do a little review for you doods.

I tend to go for lengthening mascaras rather than volumising, so I was curious to try this one. The case is chunky and funky and looks expensive. The wand is reaaaally thick and I was surprised at how short the actual wand was ahaa I thought this was gonna make it hard to maneuver but it was really easy to use.

After using it, my eyelashes look really thick and blacker than black after only about three coats of mascara. What I always hear people complaining about cheap mascaras is that they tend to clump if you aren't careful. You guys will be pleased to hear I didn't get one single clump with i-volumise wahhh :) The coating looks natural and thank god, un-spidery.

Now, there's just the unpleasant matter of the bill muaha.The lady says it's priced at a pretty hefty £23, but I've found it online for a more reasonale £15, so to be honest, I don't know what she's chatting :')

Sooo guys, the overall thoughts coming outta my brain. If you're searching the beauty couters in vain for a volumising mascara, try this one out. it does exactly what is says on the tin. Case, whatever. It's not a cheap brand so it doesn't clump and it comes off easily. Plus, it looks nice. I'm still more into lengthening ones if I'm honest, but it would work really well with statement bright make-up for a night out or party :)

Oooooo FYI, my top is from the super shtylin' peeps at Narzipan


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