Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Big ol' Soap & Glory bundle

Yet another pressie post aha :) My brother and his girlfriend Emma bought me this lovely bunch of Soap and Glory products. I've long admired these soapy and glorious products, the only thing I previously owned from the brand was the exfoliating gloves, which by the way, I love.
I love the iconic old school style of the packaging and the old fashioned models they use. I found out something really cool about this brand - if you send in an old pic, like of your grandma as a young lady, they could use your image on their products, which is a wicked idea 8)

Top to bottom - Scrub your nose in it, Calm one calm all, The Righteous Butter, Hair Turban,
Sexy Mother Pucker, Mist Me Madly

Scrub Your Nose in it
So you may have guessed by the name, this is an exfoliating scrub but also doubles up as a deep cleansing mask. I always tend to expect Soap and Glory lotions and potions to have a sweet smell and of a light colour, so I was surprised to squeeze out a minty blue thick cream, which if I'm honest, reminded me of toothpaste, in a good way :') The smell is really fresh and feels really cool on the skin, particularly when you leave on for three minutes as a mask. after using it it the night before, I did notice the next day my face seemed more dewy and fresher than it tends to look first thing in the morning :')

Calm one, Calm all
Calm one calm all is a bubble bath with moisturising lotion within it. If you add it to a full bath, you end up with a tub brimming with lovely bubbles. Make sure you put plenty in if you want a totally bubbled up tub :) It has the same scent of the Righteous Butter (below) so when you moisturise with it afterwards, they complement each other, which is always nice. It leaves my skin smelling sweetly scented and smooth.

The Righteous Butter
I think this is my favourite product of the lot. It's a gorgeous smelling body moisturiser, but I've also used it on my face and neck 'cause I like it so much. As you can see, it comes in a big mighty tub so it will take ages to run out. The tag line says your skin will be so smooth that 'you'll swear your wearing velvet', and this is really accurate and it made my skin feel so silky and fresh, especially after exfoliating. The smell is so sweet and lovely and I get little whiffs of it all day long. My boyfriend and mom both commented on the nice smell, but don't worry it's not overpowering at all, it's just like a little subtle scent.

Hair Turban
My sister used to have one of these (not exactly sure what happened to it) and I was constantly stealing it so I'm pretty pleased to know have my own. It's so useful when I'm applying moisturiser and make-up and want to keep my annoying little hairs out of the way.
Sexy Mother Pucker
What a cheeky little name! I see what they did there ;) This naughty little lip gloss gave me quite a surprise. I applied it to my lips and started to feel a tingling sensation. It was then i realised it was lip-plumping gloss. I got quite excited then as I've never owned one before. The cool tingly stops after a minute or so. My lips looked noticeably pouty and I'm always drawn to glosses and lipsticks with scents and this one smells like marshmallow. Win win.

Mist Me Madly
I don't use body mists regularly it's usually perfume for me, but since the weather is heating up, this will be perfect for shoving in my bag on a hot day. The scent is light and sweet, not too much so could be worn as an accompaniment to perfume during the day without overpowering the smell or mixing together. I also love the bottle shape, it reminds me of a potion :3 Admittedly, it's not my normal kind of scent, it's a bit soft for my regular taste, but it makes for a refreshing spritz when I need cooling down.

Have you people tried any Soap and Glory products? What do you think of them? If not, hope my little review helped you guys :) Laterzz.

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