Sunday, 13 May 2012

Black Milk, Wonderland and Waves

Room looking rather messy but Look! Tetris :3
Baggy jumper and leggings - winner.

These days, money is what old timers like myself tend to get which is awesome, but it's always nice to get a few lovely little gifts - and mine were very lovely. Unfortunately Jack's had some issues with ordering my present and whatnot, so it hasn't arrived yet, but it prolongs my buffday further, which is always nice :3

So I'm showing off some of my birthday presents here - my Alice in Wonderland sweater curtesy of my sister Rosie, my amazing Black Milk leggings from Alex and I've used my Babyliss Wave Envy Tongs from my parents. I hadn't seen my good friend Jordan on my birthday day aha so she, myself and Alex rocked up to Pizza Hut for tasty treats and gurd timez.

I've had my eye on this sweater for a long time and I was surprised and very pleased to recieve it. It's so cute and will go with loadsa stuff! I like Alice themed stuff, 'cause, yano, my name's Alice.

And as my for leggings, I've admired and loved Black Milk leggings for some time now and I had no idea Alex was gonna purchase these little beauties. If you haven't heard of Black Milk, ohmigosh get from under dat big ass rock and check out them now!

Tiny feet. Size 3. So glad I'm not a guy.

Shall be updating on my other pressies :3

Black Milk, checkit now. Now, I say, now :3
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