Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Grown up thoughts bout growin' up

Thought I'd mix things up with a pondering about my upcoming birthing celebration. May has begun which means the sun should, in theory, be coming out in all it's yellowy glory. Here's hoping anyway. Well as you guys probably know, it's my birthday next week a week today on the 9th of May, and I'll be turning 19. Wow. I feel like I've just gone 18. I don't like I want to stay a child, like Peter Pan :'(

Last year, I had one of the best birthdays ever. Not just because of the amazing presents, and they were amazing, there were many other reasons. I could finally (legally) get drunk and at long last, get myself inside a club. I haven't left since it seems :') But the vital factor that made my 18th so great was because of the people I had with me. Spoiler alert: this may get slightly soppy. Apologies. In 2011, it felt as though my life was complete and I had everything I needed. A great family, wonderful friends and a pretty lovely boyfriend. For all these reasons, I can't see how 19 can trump 18 :')

My two favourite people ♥
Alex, me, Jack on my buffday last year

But I've got to thinking - everyone's gotta grow up someday. And although I might not be new to the freedom I felt last year, I'm wiser from having it before, like an owl 8) And I still have those great people in my life, my wonderful family and friends, with a few added extras :3 So I guess that being 19 is gonna be just as good, and perhaps not as scary as I first thought. Sure, we wanna be forever young, but I've got many years of craziness left in me. Trust.

Here's some pictures of my 18th birthday celebrations, can't wait to share my 19th ones :) Oh yeah, you make think I've only got one friend as she's always pictured with me, but I swear, there was more than just us two :') We're just joined at the hips. Soul Sistars forever 8)

The girls & the floating head pahaha

Tasty cake - hope my 19th one steps up to the challenge :3

If anyone's read my mental little ramblings, I do hope you've enjoyed them ;D
Laters peeps.

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