Thursday, 10 May 2012

My Buffday ♥

1. The map 2. Monorail 3.Laura 4. Random ducks 5. Hey there 6. Hello Alex 7. People in costume freak me out 8. Onboard the Charlie ride 9. Jack is enjoying the ride 10. As is Alex 11. Same ride, nice view 12. I liked this pretty thing

It's been a busy (not so busy) week. After gruelling months of torture  lectures and assignments, I've finally completed my first year of uni as a Fresher, which means I can retire to the life of a lazy students for a few months. My only regret is I did not, I repeat, did not attend one bar crawl. Gaaaasp. I know it's so shameful, but what can you do. Not a lot. Meep.
Ah well, moving on to the most important bit of this posttttt. *Drumroll* Yesterday was my birthdaaaaaay! I graced Alton Towers with my presence and am proud to say I didn't chicken out of all the scary rides.  The only ones I FLAT-OUT REFUSED to go on were Nemesis and Oblivion. Yeah, I'm a big girl's blouse. Don't judge me.

Oblvion. Scary stuff.

Had a slight mis-hap - I locked my 2 for 1 tickets inside the house and also my key. Oops. we had to haul ass to Jack's house and get his and we were off! It's really worth going during the week while the kiddies are at school. The longest queue we had to wait in was probably about 15 mins for Nemesis Sub Terra - which by the way, is very good, if a little short aha.

The ride I did not really appreciate was Rita as it was mean to my body, we all bashed our heads on the restraints and when I got off I swear I punchered a lung or cracked my ribs. I hadn't. But yeah, it was too fast and rough for my liking.

My favourite ride I think was Air, and I also liked Thirteen. Air was freakin' scary when they flip you horizontally but it really is ammmaaaaaaazing to feel like a birdy in the sky :3 muaha Thirteen was really good, but I honestly I didn't consider it the 'scariest roller coaster ever'. Having said that, it was awesome, I'd reccommend.


We managed to go on: Sonic Spinball, Enterprise, Hex, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory ride, Ice Age 4D cinema, Thirteen, Rita, Air, Nemesis Sub Terra, Duel, The Runaway Mine-Train and The Rapids. Alex and Jack braved Nemesis, but Laura and I decided to just observe :')

I'm rather glad I have no pictures of me, as I looked pretty rough after a few too many rides. But I assure you I had a brilliant day :) Will post about presents another day ;D

Inabit doods.
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