Monday, 14 May 2012

Janine Basil Hats & Hair Accesories

In addition to my Alice in Wonderland sweater, my lovely sister Rose knows I like all things hairy, (bad joke?) so got me these really unique and hand-made accesories by Janine Basil as part of my buffday present. I'm a massive fan of hand-made stuff and I was so impressed by the quality and kookiness of the accesories. I love the fact that she also takes custom orders, so you can have something really different and special! 

She specializes in  retro hats, fascinators and other hair accesoires. My sister picked the star hairband and, again with the Alice theme, the pack of cards hair clip. I can't wait to wear them, and I think my grip will look great with a messy updo ;D

My hair band came beautifully wrapped in pink tissue tired with a delicate bow, whereas my clip was in it's own little box, surrounded by tissue and a few cards with Janine's details and cute photos on the back. As well as accesories similar to mine, Janine creates some amazing special occasion hats. They are so intricate and funkayyy and if you have a unique style, you are so gonna love these accesories. I'd seriously advise you check her out right NOW!

On the back on my card; Love this one!

Check out her Facebook for more pics :)

Janine Basil

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